This is what female founders want

This is a slightly longer explication of my medium post.

Female tech founders are definitely well aware of the conversations surrounding gender these days. And let’s not kid ourselves–tech isn’t the only industry with issues around gender discrimination, harassment, or implicit bias.

I had the opportunity to attend Jason Calacanis’ Founder University with 50 other female founders this past week (which was organized by his amazing staff, including Jacqui Deegan, and graciously hosted by Wilson Sonsini).

Towards the end of two days of intense, deep learning from industry experts, Jason brought up the fact that the topic of gender discrimination was a topic that was not discussed at all (or, at least, barely. Only one person made a slight reference to it). Jason explained that he and Jacqui debated about whether or not to bring up the topic, and ultimately decided to leave it up to attendees to bring it up:

“But you didn’t want to talk about it — you just wanted to talk about your companies.”

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